Chorus Director                                        Debbie Temple

Accompanist                                            Deb Hadges

President                                                 Bev Remillard

Vice President                                          Patty Welsh

Chairman of the Board                             Bill Harrington

Past President                                         Carla Mason

Artistic Director                                      Fran Schiebe

Choreographer                                        Alice Morrison

Costume Coordinators                             Linda Pearlstein & Alice Morrison

Event Coordinator                                   Dianne Domeij

Harvey Building Liaison                           Bob Tripi

Hospitality Coordinator                           Kathy Sporer

Music Librarians                                      Elaine Fadden & Kathy Lamprey

Cultural Council Liaison                           Bob Tripi

Membership Coordinator                         Alice Morrison

Publicity Committee                               Marketa Rosecka, Will Tremblay, Patty Welsh, 

                                                              Jim Black                               

Program/Flyer Coordinator                     Dianne Domeij

Program/Flyer Designer                          Ralph Caputo

Schedule Coordinator                             Patti Bruno

Scholarship Coordinator                         Carla Mason

Secretary                                              Linda Dubick

Set Director                                          Fran Schiebe

Set Construction                                   Bill Harrington

Brochure Ad Coordinator                       Will Tremblay

Brochure Designer                                Robin Whitman

Ticket Manager                                     Ellen Kluge

Treasurer                                             Gail Dolan

Show Videographer                               Robin Whitman

Web Master                                          Jack Calkins

Yard Sale Coordinators                         Myra Kinnamon & Julie Labbe

Photographer                                       Bob Tripi

By Lynne Klaft, Correspondent

Posted Nov 29, 2017 at 8:00 PM Updated at 8:52 AM

WESTBOROUGH — One would think that after 10 years Pete and Carol Dufault would be tired of going to the annual Westborough Community Chorus Christmas show. Not a chance.

“No, no, no! Never. They blow you out of your chair every single time. We would not miss it for the world; these are real neighborhood people doing such a fabulous job, we just love it,” said Mrs. Dufault.

She knew chorus member Will Tremblay growing up, and he came regularly to the bakery where she worked. “We all grew up together. Will told me he and Jan (his wife) were in a chorus. ‘You’re in a chorus?’ I said. I bought two tickets, went to the show and could not believe what I saw and heard. The sets were beautiful, they started singing and well, we have been going back ever since,” said Mrs. Dufault.

Mr. Tremblay was skeptical, too, and then saw his first Christmas show 26 years ago. Mightily impressed, he joined the chorus with his wife, Jan, in 1989. “We’ve had so much fun, been in most of the shows ever since,” he said.

“There’s that ‘wow’ effect every time the curtain opens. We get oohs and ahhs from the audience because of the great set design and construction team of Fran Schiebe and Bill Harrington,” said Mr. Tremblay.

Director Deb Temple works on creating each season’s Christmas show all summer long and comes up with a theme and music. The set designer and construction team work with the director to come up with something different and eye-catching.

“One year we had a Colonial house, trees and candles in the windows, singers on the front porch. The audience was thrilled. I really think we are a ‘show’ chorus,” said Mr. Tremblay.

The 80 to 85 “voices” of the chorus are accompanied by pianist Deb Hadge, a flutist, drums and bass guitar.

The 2 ½-hour show is in three sections, with an intermission. “The first section has Christmas carols and music; the second is a musical skit geared to children. This year we have a comedy called ‘The 12 Days of Christmas,’ guaranteed to bust a gut; the third section and finale is more Christmas and holiday music,” said Mr. Tremblay.

“There will be 20 different songs, one skit and Santa Claus. I get to play Santa Claus and I love it,” said Mr. Tremblay.

He says the chorus is very diverse, ages 22 to 85, from all over Central Massachusetts — Uxbridge, Sutton, Millbury, Grafton, Hudson, Northbridge, Northborough, Southborough, Natick, Bellingham and, of course, Westborough.

Mrs. Dufault is also impressed with the composition of the chorus. “The elderly and the young are so respectful of each other; working together, harmonizing, it’s just wonderful,” she said.

Mr. Tremblay says they are lucky to have Ms. Temple, who works very hard with the chorus and musicians when they begin rehearsing in September. “We’re not professionals, you know, but we’ve been so lucky having her. There have only been two directors since 1971,” he said.

Faith Newark was the original director and asked that the chorus have no music sheets to be able to connect directly with the audience. She took Ms. Temple under her wing, and when she retired 18 years ago, Ms. Temple took over.

Tickets for the show are $12 and $9 for children younger than 12 and seniors. All of the funds collected are dedicated to music scholarships that go to junior and high school students for music lessons. The scholarships are awarded at the Christmas show and the students perform during the spring show in April.

Ten to 12 scholarships are awarded each year. Mr. Tremblay says that more than $50,000 in scholarships have been awarded since 1971.

“Some of these students, you can’t just imagine — there are no words to describe how talented they are,” said Mr. Tremblay.

Mrs. Dufault said she promised to put a “hurt” on Will if he ever forgets to save her two tickets. “The theme for this year is ‘Music Unites Us.’ It just couldn’t be better timing. We like to go on Friday, but no matter when you go you will have fun. We wouldn’t miss it,” she said.

The Westborough Community Chorus Christmas show will be playing at 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday and at 2 p.m. Sunday at the newly renovated Sarah W. Gibson Middle School auditorium, 20 Fisher St.

For more information, visit www.westboroughchorus.com.

Congratulations Westborough!! 

Westborough Community Chorus helps celebrate Westborough’s 300th Anniversary by joining the parade held on September 9.

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